Bob Ross Art of Chill

Bob Ross Box

Playing this game for just 30 minutes might not help you paint a masterpiece, but you will still have a great time.


Players: 2 – 4                           Best with: 2, 3, or 4

Age: 12+                                   GN Age: Pre-Teen

Game Type: Board                 Time: 30 minutes

Publisher/Year: Big G Creative – 2017

Game Play: Resource Management, Card Collection

Score: Score 11  out of 12

Hello. I’m Rich Stangle, and I’d like to welcome you to our eighth Main Game Monday review on the Joy of Family Game Night website. If this is your first time reading with us, allow me to extend a personal invitation to grab your meeple and your game boards and play along with us each article. And if you’ve been with us before, please allow me to thank you for inviting us back for another series of games and family fun.

We’ll use about dozen paragraphs and some obscure references, and in each article I’ll show you which gaming masterpiece you should put on your dining room table. So, I’ll tell you what, let’s get started.

BR Tools
These are the tools you’ll need to create your masterpieces.

Today, I thought we’d play a swell game called Bob Ross Art of Chill. After you open the box, go ahead and put that easel somewhere where everyone can see it. This game is for everyone, and we want everyone to have fun. Then just place the Scoring Track in front where everyone can reach it. That’s it, you’re doing great.

There are three happy little decks of cards in the game. A Palette Deck, a Techniques Deck, and a Chill Deck. Go and put the Chill Deck on the Scoring Track, we’ll get to that later. Now be generous and give each player three cards from the Palette Deck. Don’t be greedy, there’s enough for everybody. Put the deck in front of the Scoring Track and turn over the first 4 cards face up for everyone to see.

BR Game2
This looks great. Now you’re ready to play.

Now choose a color, any color will do, pick up your palette and your tokens and you’re ready to play. This is going to be fun.

BR Palette
There are seven glorious colors and four beautiful brushes that you get to play with. My only quibble is that I always confuse which way to hold my cards.

Ooh, this is the best part, pick any of the 30 paintings and place it on the easel. This is what we are painting today. From Seaside Retreats to Rustic Forests, from Quaint Cabins to Mountains Vistas, the world is filled with beauty. There’s no wrong choice, they’re all perfect in their own way.

BR Paintings
It’s like a kaleidoscope of color and beauty. And there are even more on the back.

I know you might be thinking, I’ll never be able to paint this, but you can. You can do anything you want on the canvas. Just by using your imagination and the right card combinations on your palette you can paint two or even three paintings and maybe even win the game in about 30 minutes.

On each turn, you first roll that little die that came with the box. You might get an extra action, or an extra card, or maybe you’ll roll a Bob Ross. If you roll a Bob, move my marker further down the painting. Don’t forget to turn over a new Chill Card and follow its directions, they’re always fun.

BR Chill Cards
Do not fear the Chill Cards, there are here to help and have fun.

Then on each turn you can perform up to three actions. You can draw another card from the Palette Deck, or play a card to your palette. If you have two cards that match one of the Technique Cards, you can claim that Technique card, and trust me, that will really improve your score.  You can even clear your palette if you just need a fresh start. The choice is up to you, and don’t worry; there are no bad choices, just happy little accidents.

BR Techniques
If you’ve obtained a Technique Card, then you score an addition point every time you use that color or brush when painting a feature. See, I told you painting was easy.

Maybe you want to paint the Almighty Mountains first. Just match the colors on the painting with the ones in your hand, don’t forget to use the correct brush, and voila! Almighty Mountains. You score points based upon how many colors were needed, and if you were the first or second person to paint that feature. You even score bonus points if you have a technique card used in the feature or if you happen to paint faster than the master, Bob Ross, himself.

BR Scoring
By being he first to complete the Almighty Mountains here, I earned 10 points!

As you complete each feature, you score more points. Eventually, someone will complete all three features on a painting. It might be a player or it might be Bob. Either way the fine, just choose a new painting and begin again. Embrace new beginnings, they bring new opportunities for joy and more Happy Little Trees.

The game ends and a winner is declared when someone reaches 30 points. But don’t fret if it was not you, for we are all winners here, because we all got to play Bob Ross Art of Chill.

BR End
You may not have won, but you did get to chill with those you love, and isn’t that more important?

So many things are just right about Bob Ross Art of Chill. It is a gorgeous game. It is an easy game. It is a fun game. I love all the Bob Ross quotes that are on the Chill Cards. The game has a brilliant mellow vibe. The game is great for children, adults, and families alike. I always feel relaxed when I play it. We often play this at the end of a Game Night to unwind. It is a perfect game palette cleanser. Pun intended.

Plus this game really makes me want to hunt down some old episodes of the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, and learn to paint. But for now, we’ll just keep playing, and loving, Bob Ross Art of Chill.

BR Focus

As always, from all of us here, I’d like to wish you Happy Gaming and God Bless, my friend, and Game On!

“If nothing else, painting should make you feel happy.” – Bob Ross

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