Scrabble Box

The world’s greatest crossword puzzle game.

Players: 2 – 4                           Best with: 2 – 4

Age: 8 to Adult                       GN Age: Child

Game Type: Board                 Time: 30 minutes

Publisher / Year: Hasbro – 1938

Game Play: word creation, placement strategy

Score:  Score 11  out of 12









That’s it. That’s the review. Thanks for stropping by. By the way, just using the words as shown and ignoring any 7-tile Bingos, can anyone figure out what this review would have scored? The first word for scoring purposes is still the center word.

As always, Jo, Ka, Qi, Xu, and Za are all legal words, and Game On!

Every man dies; not every man truly Scrabbles – Chuck Woolery, 1984 TV game show

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