Lost Mine of Phandelver Campaign Resources

Starter Phandelver

The Lost Mine of Phandelver is the introductory adventure for the 5th Edition Starter Set. It is designed for PC levels 1 – 5 and has a good mix of wilderness, dungeon, and village encounters with a decent story. Your players will become heroes as they save the village of Phandalin from hordes of goblins, doppelgangers and worse; all led by a sinister and maniacal Drow mage.

Plus, with the publication of The Dragon of Icespire Peak from the D&D Essentials Kit, the two are perfect adventure companions. By adding the sandbox-style message board and the rampaging white dragon to the Lost Mine storyline, you can create an absolutely epic campaign that should take players up to 8th level and beyond. In the maps section, I include a merged map that depicts all the locations of both adventures.

Icespire Banner
One of the best sandbox adventures, and it takes place in the same town? How convenient.

Adventure Resources

This is a complete overview of our experience playing this adventure. There are five sections:

The Campaign Diary – The full Tale of the Saviors of Phandalin as they attempt to collect on a $50 debt.

The Charts – All of the charts and tables that I use to run the campaign. They include Monster Stat sheets, Encounter Lists, Village Rosters, Rules Synopses, Campaign Setting Overviews and more. I’ve included the adventure-specific charts and a blank copy if you prefer to make your own. If you want a more in-depth analysis of the charts, check out my Dungeon Master Resource Page.

The Maps – All the maps that I used to run The Lost Mine of Phandelver, including some custom maps. The Player Maps have all hidden locations, traps, and secret areas removed. They are great for handing out to players (as they explore each section) so that they can better visualize the encounter.

The Handouts – The module came with one handout to give to the players. I added 10 more. Most handouts provided further motivation for the players to want to hunt down the main villain, Nezzar, since he has no contact with the players until the last chapter. A few set up future adventure hooks. I usually print them using a variety of construction and specialty papers cut to fit my printer. The Handouts can be printed as is or used as a starting point for your own creative spin.

The Online Resources – I’ve included links to some excellent websites that can help you run your game, along with some awesome YouTube channels that will improve your skills as a DM.

If there is anything else that you think I should have here to help you run your own campaign, please leave a comment.

Phandelver Banner


Campaign Diary

LMOP Session01

Session 1 – Our merry band of mercenaries manages to lose their patron in five minutes and violate the Geneva Convention in ten.


LMOP Session02

Session 2 – The Mercs with No Name sack a goblin cave, collect some second-hand furniture and find an NPC that I call Captain Exposition.


LMOP Session03

Session 3 – The Mercs invade the peaceful village of Phandalin, try to be Murder Hobos, and pick a fight with the local gang of thugs.


LMOP Session04

Session 4 – The Mercs storm the Thug Hideout, pet some monsters, obtain the world’s ugliest valet, and play a wild game of Liar’s Dice.


LMOP Session05

Session 5 – Gather round while we replay the entire Phandalin section and then go off in search of the creator of the Forgotten Realms.


LMOP Session06

Session 6  – The Mercs find the ruined town of Thundertree, the spirit of Ed Greenwood in a batty old druid, and, holy crap, a green dragon!


LMOP Session07

Session 7 – We start with a TPK, then battle a very colorful sorcerer and take on the dragon! At level 2! And they steal some dragon eggs.


LMOP Session08

Session 8 – The party arrives back in Phandalin to find that everything is not as it seems. Then they trash the only good inn in town.


LMOP Session09

Session 9 – During the Festival of Greengrass, the goblin army invades Phandalin. Our heroes risk it all to save the village they call home.


LMOP Session10

Session 10 – The newly dubbed Saviors of Phandalin search for the mysterious four-fingered man and find the bum who owes them $50.


LMOP Session11

Session 11 – The Saviors finally get to Chapter 5, only to find zero treasure; just strange chucks of humming metal. And a ton of ghouls.


LMOP Session12

Session 12 – The Saviors negotiate with Nezzar, the evil puppet master, by stabbing him with a sword. And the evil spider god, Lolth, shows up.


LMOP Session13

Session 13 – Having defeated Nezzar, The Saviors continue to search the dungeon, obsessed with finding more mysterious humming metal.


LMOP Session14

Session 14 – The thrilling conclusion. The humming metal pays off, secret villains are revealed, and there’s lots of ominous foreshadowing.



The Charts – Player Resources

Prior to every campaign, I give my players a folder for their character. Theses two-pocket folders hold each player’s character sheets, spell cards, handouts, and other PC related items. The center binder holds four important handouts.

Player folder


First, is a brief (4 page) Rules Synopsis that includes info on Adventuring and Combat basics to help new players learn and veteran players remember some the of the core rules of D&D.


Combat Basics
Who needs a Player’s Handbook now? You do. Go support your hobby and buy all the books!


Next, is a homebrewed Critical Hit / Fumble Chart. Although this is included in the Rules FOUR Page, some have asked for this chart spearately. My players love the chart since it allows them the chance to completely obliterate an enemy even at the risk of falling flat on their face, losing a weapon, or stabbing an ally.

PDF – Critical Hit-Fumble Table

Crit Hit Fumble Table
Thanks to Seth Skorkowsky (see below) for this bad-ass damage chart.


Here is a complete Equipment List from the Player’s Handbook. It includes the basic equipment commonly available for purchase. While it can be fun to role play the shopping spree, usually it’s just easier for players to look it up and tell me what they bought. Plus, it keeps the murder-hobos from killing your shopkeeps. Obviously, prices can be adjusted, based upon the availability of the item and the quality of the shop. There are two files for the Equipment Lists.

PDFs – Equipment List & Equipment List Gear

Equipment List
And no more role-playing the ever-exciting haggling encounter!


Last, is the Setting Synopsis. The Lost Mine of Phandelver (as well as most of the published adventures) takes place in the official D&D setting, The Forgotten Realms. This two-page Overview gives your players the common knowledge that a person living in the Realms would know. Basic Geography, Known Factions, Currency, Major Gods, the Standard Calendar, and a Brief History of the World are included. I’ve removed any reference to a specific date, so that you can set your campaign whenever you want.

PDF – Sword Coast Codex

Sword Coast Codex
Welcome to Forgotten Realms 101. And yes, there will be a quiz at the end.


The Charts – DM Resources

Up next are all the charts and tables for the DM eyes only. No peeking, you conniving, cheating, double-crossing, lily-livered, dice-fudging, min-maxed, hobo-murdering, meta-gaming PCs! For further explanation of any of these tables, go to my Dungeon Master Resource Page.

First, I keep all the important Player Character Stats on this cheat sheet. You can see it attached to my DM screen below. It helps me plan encounters and keep things balanced, especially when running things on the fly. The PDF is blank, so that you can pencil in your own PC stats.

PDF – Party Character Stats

Party Stats on Screen
Stay back! Everything on this side of the screen is mine. Mine! My precious… I won’t let the nasties players seeeee you.


The thing I miss most about the Old School D&D modules is the Monster Stat Sheet included in the back. This puts all of the relevant combat data for every creature in the adventure all in one place. No more forgetting a special ability, hunting through the book for a single stat, or flipping back and forth when running combat with two or more monsters. This single page will make running the adventure ten times easier. This PDF includes all of the monsters encountered in the Lost Mine of Phandelver.

PDF – Monster Stats Phandelver

Monster Stats Phandelver
So, many forgetable details, forgotten no longer. TPK, here we come.


Next, this Master Encounter List has all the keyed encounter areas of the adventure. This helps me keep track of every room at a glance; including Monsters, Traps, Treasure and Experience Points that can be found or earned in each room. No more forgetting a cool trap or missing a key plot point because it was buried in the text.

PDF – Encounter List Phandelver

Encounter List Phandelver
You’ll actually have to click on the PDF link to see Chapters 4 & 5.


The Village Roster. The adventure lists about a dozen NPCs in the village of Phandalin. I’ve expanded the local map and included a roster of every resident of the town’s 40+ builings. The new roster lists a several more shops, class and level listings of the important NPCs, a few gossipy details, and a rundown of every combat-capable citizen (typed in bold) that will come to bear during my campaign’s goblin invasion.

PDF – Phandalin Village Roster

Village Roster Phandalin

Phandalin Village Map
My expanded map of the village of Phandalin, including more shops and townsfolk. For the map key, see the Phandalin Village Roster above.


The Phandalin Battle Chart. Many people asked how I ran my Siege of Phandalin that occurs in Session 9. I wanted a simple, basic set of rules that evoked the chaos of war without all the added math. Refer to my How To Run a Fantasy Siege post for more info. This is the chart that I used to track all the combatant of that glorious battle. Basically, it is a modified version of 4th edition Minion rules where each combatant requires “x” number of hits to kill (goblins take 1 hit, hobgoblins take 2, etc). This method only requires the use of the D20 die and this chart (and about 50 optional minis).

PDF – Phandalin Battle Chart

Phandalin Battle Chart
The massive Siege of Phandalin, where epic heroes and DM headaches are made.


For those of you who prefer to make their own lists, here are links to clean, blank versions of all these charts. If you prefer to type your own, you can recreate them using Microsoft Excel.

PDF – Monster Stats Sheet Blank

PDF – Encounter List Blank

PDF – Village Roster Blank

PDF – Calendar Forgotten Realms

Bonus! This is a blank calendar (6 pages) for use in the Forgotten Realms setting. Use it to plan out the timeline of your campaign; never miss a festival, celebrate every holiday, and maybe even create a few new holidays (based on the Player’s actions, of course).

Calendar Faerun
The Calendar PDF is 6 pages (2 months per page). Each month is listed by it’s proper name, followed by it’s common name, and the real world conterpart.

The Maps


DM Map of the Exterior Locations


Player Map of the Exterior Locations. Locations that need to be found are removed.


Sword Coast Merge Map DM
In case you do want to run both “Lost Mine of Phandelver” & “Dragon of Icespire Peak”, here is a merged map that shows all locations for both adventures. Lost Mine locations are in black, Icespire ones are in red.


DM Map Dungeon 1: Cragmaw Hideout


Player Map Dungeon 1: Cragmaw Hideout


DM Map: Village of Phandalin


Player Map: Village of Phandalin


Phandalin Village Map
This map expands the village of Phandalin, including more shops and townsfolk. This map goes hand-in-hand with the Phandalin Village Roster


DM Map Dungeon 2: Redbrand Hideout


Player Map Dungeon 2: Redbrand Hideout


DM Map: Ruins of Thundertree


Player Map: Ruins of Thundertree


DM Map Dungeon 3: Cragmaw Castle


Player Map Dungeon 3: Cragmaw Castle


DM Map Dungeon 4: Wave Echo Cave


Player Map Dungeon 4: Wave Echo Cave


Battle Map: Stonehill Tavern (Used during the Doppelganger Ambush)


Battle Map: Village of Phandalin (Used during the Goblin Siege of the town)


Siege S5 Map
Full-sized Battle Map used for the epic final Battle of the Siege of Phandalin. This shows the top of the hill of the Tresendar Manor ruins.


The Handouts


LMP Handout1 Wanted Poster
Handout 1: Wanted Poster outside Townmaster Hall


LMP Handout2 1st Spider Letter
Handout 2: First Black Staff Letter, found in Redbrand Hideout (only handout in the printed adventure)


LMP Handout3 Dragon Cult Diary
Handout 3: Dragon Cult Diary, found in Thundertree. These dragons are found throughout Tales From the Yawning Portal, except the Blue, who is in the novel Godcatcher.


LMP Handout4 2nd Spider Letter
Handout 4: Second Black Staff Letter, found after Doppelganger Ambush


LMP Handout5 Ancient Wave Echo Map
Handout 5: Ancient Map of Lost Echo Mine. Given by Sildar following Doppelganger Ambush. If compared with the real dungeon, the risen water level might help party find ways to bypass certain areas. Dwarven runes translate to: Phandelver Forge of Spells


LMP Handout5 Ancient Wave Echo Map Raw
I did not hand this out but, I used this as my source for the previous handout, in case you wanted to make your own ruined map. 


LMP Handout6 Kill Everyone
Handout 6: Found on Hobgoblin General following Goblin Siege of Phandalin


LMP Handout7 Spiders Map Drow
Handout 7: Black Spider Map of Lost Echo Mine, found on Black Spider’s desk. Written in Drow.


LMP Handout8 Spiders Map English
Handout 7A &7B: Same map written in phonetic Drow and English. Skill checks required to translate.


Phandelver lock correct
Handout 8: Puzzle Key (solved). Each piece was found throughout the final dungeon, usually on the skeleton of a wizard. Made with cut wood blocks, then spray-painted silver, with model paint details. Crest is the symbol for the Netherese, my end-game villians. Used to unlock a magical door.


Phandelver lock wrong
The back side of each piece was painted as well. To add to it’s difficulty and mystery. This is what the solved puzzle looks like when reversed. The purpose of this side of the puzzle will not be solved until several adventures later.


LMP Puzzle Reverse
When my players go through The Forge of Fury (see Handout 9) they will discover a door like the one found in LMoP. It will be unlocked by solving the reverse side of the puzzle, as seen here. And if my players ever read my Setting Synopsis, they would learn that this is the symbol of Talos, the God of Chaos.


LMP Handout10 Dwarven Map book
Handout 9: Book Cover Map found in Mormesk’s chamber in the final dungeon. I designed the map to wrap around a real book to disguise the fact that it was a map and to allow for the players to find a second, hidden handout (#10) inside.


LMP Handout10 Dwarven Map common
This is the translated version of the map that will lead to the Dwarven ruin of Khondrukar. Starting at Blasingdell (an unknown location) and following a series of standing stones to a place called Green River, then to a mountain range, the Five Watchers, and finally to a peak called “Blacktooth”. This will be used when the players go through the Forge of Fury in Tales From the Yawning Portal.


LMP Handout10 Dwarven Map clean
Here is a clean version of the map for you to add your own names and descriptions to.


LMP Handout9 Mormesk Diary
Handout 10: Mormesk’s final journal entry. This was hidden inside the previous book handout, waiting for the players to find. Mormesk gives lots of cryptic clues to his history and his plans, and delivers a strange prophecy of the future, or maybe the past. Or maybe it’s both.


Magic Items
Not a handout per se. Just showing off some of the other props given to my players. Clockwise from the top: The Zeitbrille (Goggles of Glory?), Chuy the Flying Leopard Figurine of Wondrous Power, Tymora’s Fortune – the “Lucky” Coin, and inspiration tokens.


Online Resources

There are a number of excellent additional resources available online to help you be a better DM. Here are a few that I use all the time. I often keep the website tabs open on my phone or tablet to refer to them as needed during a game.


Roll20 logoRoll 20 D&D 5th Edition Compendeum – Roll 20 is one of the best virtual tabletop systems and they have compiled a complete listing of every rule, monster, spell, and more that is D&D. The link does offer virtual books for sale, but the entire database is fully searchable and completely free. Just use the Search Bar to type in whatever you need to find and get the full description and statistics of that item. This resource is invaluable.

FR Wiki logoForgotten Realms Wiki – Every article of fact, trivia, and lore relating to the Forgotten Realms (where the 5th edition adventures are set) can be found here. This is a tremendous source for inspiration to add favor and spice up your campaign. Perfect for researching the people, places, and events of the world’s greatest fantasy setting. I use this all the time.

Kobold FC logoKobold Fight Club – Wandering Monsters are a staple of D&D. Nothing keeps players on their toes better than some random thing jumping out from the shadows. But the tables provided in most modules are pretty boring. Kobold Fight Club uses math, algorithms, and magic(?) to create memorable and unique random encounters for any level. Yip, yip, yip!

Drivethru RPG logoDrivethru RPG – This is an excellent source for finding all the OSR D&D adventures and modules from every edition, but especially 1st and 2nd edition. They mostly come in PDF format but some have a print on demand option. I have been replacing all of my original and lost D&D materials using this website. In the rare event that I can’t find what I need, I will use the Dungeon Masters Guild which is their sister site.

YouTube Channels

There are a number of excellent YouTubers who produce good, useful content related to roleplaying games and D&D specifically. Here are a few of my favorites.

Matt Colville thumbMatthew Colville – This is by far and away, the best channel for getting advice about being a dungeon master. His series on Running the Game is phenomenal, and covers every topics from running a simple hack-and-slash dungeon to an open sandbox adventure and even a deep, sophisticated politcally-motivated Game of Thrones style campaign. His love of RPGs is evident in every syllable of every word. And the streaming of his actual gameplay sessions is the only one I can watch, even over Critical Roll! I would kill to play in his campaign.

Seth Skorkowsky logoSeth Skorkowsky – This is a kick-ass site that dives into a ton of great stuff such as DM tips, player advice, RPG Philosophy, adventure reviews and overviews. He also discusses several other RPG systems, including Call of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk, and Star Traveller. His videos are always fun to watch and his interlaced skits are the only ones that are actually funny. Plus, I met him once and he is a truly great guy, so I’ll try to help him out. Not that he needs it. His channel just won an ENnie award for best online content!

Jorphdan logoJorphdan – Jordan the ph is silent has one of the best channels that delves into the lore of the Forgotten Realms. He has plenty of other things on his channel, such as reviews and advice about the 5th edition D&D adventures, a series on creating your own world, and collaborations with other YouTubers. But it is his encyclopedic knowledge of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting is without equal. From the gods, factions, races, nations, geography, and history of  the fabled land of Faerun, Jorphdan is the omnipotent god of trivia.

capt corajus logoCapt Corajus -Pronounced Captain Courageous, this channel is an excellent place to learn about the Old School Revival that is finding its way into more and more D&D campaigns. Here you will find out about all the original D&DC adventures as well as ways to incorporate the elements of Old School style of play into your game. This is also where I stole the Game On! tag that ends all my posts.


Art and Arcana cover

That’s about it. After 20 sessions that took over a year to complete, we finally concluded the epic Lost Mine of Phandelver. (We played every other week for only 2 hours per session, the limit of a kid’s D&D focus)

We hope that you have as much fun and excitement when you run this adventure. Feel free to use any, all, or none of these extras that I used to run the adventure. Hopefully, you can use them to inspire your own epic adventure.

And if you like these Resources pages, then check out the ones I’ve created for the other campaigns I’m running at the D&D Campaign Resources Page.

Dragon Banner
Follow me to further adventures and excitment!

As always, it’s better to show than tell, and Game On!


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  1. Hello!

    Thank you so much for this very interesting and informative read.

    Im starting out as a DM and will be running this adventure to four adult noobs 🤪

    I’m very excited to use your knowledge of the game, the handouts are a great addition.

    I really appreciate the time taken to write this for us all.

    All the best!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comments. I love hearing from new people who manage to find my stuff. I’m glad it is useful and I hope you have a great time showing these noobs the ropes. If you ever have a question just ask.


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