Lost Mine of Phandelver Campaign Resources

All the maps and handouts I used to run the 5th Edition D&D Starter Adventure, The Lost Mine of Phandelver. The Player Maps have all hidden locations, traps, and secret areas removed. They are also great for a virtual tabletop. The Handouts can be printed as is or used as a starting point for your own creative spin.



DM Map of the Exterior Locations


Player Map of the Exterior Locations. Locations that need to be found are removed.


DM Map Dungeon 1: Cragmaw Hideout


Player Map Dungeon 1: Cragmaw Hideout


DM Map: Village of Phandalin


Player Map: Village of Phandalin


DM Map Dungeon 2: Redbrand Hideout


Player Map Dungeon 2: Redbrand Hideout


DM Map: Ruins of Thundertree


Player Map: Ruins of Thundertree


DM Map Dungeon 3: Cragmaw Castle


Player Map Dungeon 3: Cragmaw Castle


DM Map Dungeon 4: Wave Echo Cave


Player Map Dungeon 4: Wave Echo Cave


Battle Map: Stonehill Tavern (Used during the Doppleganger Ambush)


Battle Map: Village of Phandalin (Used during the Goblin Siege of the town)




LMP Handout1 Wanted Poster
Handout 1: Wanted Poster outside Townmaster Hall


LMP Handout2 1st Spider Letter
Handout 2: First Black Staff Letter, found in Redbrand Hideout (only handout in the printed adventure)


LMP Handout3 Dragon Cult Diary
Handout 3: Dragon Cult Diary, found in Thundertree. The dragons are found in Tales of the Yawning Portal, except the Blue.


LMP Handout4 2nd Spider Letter
Handout 4: Second Black Staff Letter, found after Doppleganger Ambush


LMP Handout5 Ancient Wave Echo Map
Handout 5: Ancient Map of Lost Echo Mine. Given by Sildar following Doppleganger Ambush. If compared to real location, the risen water level might help party bypass areas. Dwarven runes translate to: Phandelver Forge of Spells


LMP Handout5 Ancient Wave Echo Map Raw
I did not hand this out but, I used this as my source for the previous handout, in case you wanted to make your own ruined map.


LMP Handout6 Kill Everyone
Handout 6: Found on Hobgoblin General following Goblin Siege of Phandalin


LMP Handout7 Spiders Map Drow
Handout 7: Black Spider Map of Lost Echo Mine, found on Black Spider’s desk. Written in Drow.


LMP Handout8 Spiders Map English
Handout 7A &7B: Same map written in phonetic Drow and English. Skill checks required to translate.


Phandelver lock correct
Handout 8: Puzzle Key (solved), found throughout the Mine, usually on the skeleton of a wizard. The puzzle is more challenging without the crest, but I put foreshadowing before challenge.


Phandelver lock wrong
This is what the solved puzzle looks like when reversed. Yes it can be solved, but not the way the players think and not for several adventures later, so I won’t spoil it here.


That’s it. That’s all the extra materials I used to run Lost Mine of Phandelver. If they will help or inspire your campaign, feel free to use them and change them and make it your own.

As always, Game On!