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The Wild Beyond the Witchlight is a unique adventure for 5th Edition D&D, designed to take players through levels 1 – 8. The adventure is a wild romp through the Feywild, an alternate dimension of unusual design. A vibrant world of tactile color and sonorous light, teeming with wild creatures beyond imagination, and governed by magic beyond comprehension. And all it’s citizens contend with countless curious customs, construed to confuse and confound. It’s a cacophany of chaos. And it’s brilliant, if you want it to be.

Witchlight is a loving homage to the classic tales of childhood fantasy and literary nonsense. Alice in WonderlandThe Wizard of Oz, Peter PanGrimm’s Fairy Tales, even Willy Wonka, Monty Python, and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy are all honored in this adventure. But although players start at first level, this is not a beginner’s adventure. To say this is role-playing heavy is an understatement. The adventure prides itself on the fact that you can play the entire thing and never enter combat. So, if you’ve been dying to unleash your dual-wielding barbarian/paladin and crack some skulls, this is not the adventure for you.

When the first monster you meet is a notoriously evil Displacer Beast who is wearing butterfly wings and babysitting a bunch of lost children, you know something weird is going on.

This Resource Page is a little different. Since starting this blog site, I have been running up to three campaigns and all the exhaustive writing that goes into these recaps and resource pages. I just wanted to play D&D and not worry about all the prep work and planning. Diane suggested that I check out the local hobby store, which we lovingly call the “Hobbit Hole” but that’s not its name, and see if there is a group starting up. Well there was, and here it is.

Will I be able to just play a character and not fall into DM Mode, telling everyone, “Here’s how I would have played it,” and offering an absurd amount of unsolicited advice? Will I survive playing with a new group of strangers, who might have wildly divergent play styles? Spoiler Warning: We have planners, schemers, tacticians, min/maxers, rules lawyers, a newbie, a follower, two mad scientists, and a storyteller; this is a wildly divergent group and we may implode. Will the play-once-a-week schedule overwhelm me with writing chores? I’ll tell you right now the answer to that one is, Yes.

Matt Colville Players
For more on the types of players I’m referring to, check out this excellent Matt Colville video. 

Since I am not running the adventure, I won’t have access to the things, like maps and monster charts, that I usually include in these resource pages. When the campaign is complete, I will try to backfill all those things. Our DM doesn’t use minis or handouts either but I will try to add things when I can. Instead, this page will focus on the story, characters, player tips, and the literary inspirations used in this adventure.

dwarf fey breedSpeaking of characters, I would like to feature the backstory of each character if the other players are willing. But for now I just have one, mine. The story of Durwyn, the Bastard Paladin of Rillifane. Born Hloradurwyn to a royal dwarven mother and unknown father, I tell the tale of how an outcast living in caves of Mithral Hall grew up to be a holy defender of an elven god, on a quest to discover his true heritage. You can read the whole tale here:

Durwyn the Bastard Paladin Backstory

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As the hourglass is turned, the die is cast; let the festivities commence.


Campaign Diary

Witchlight coverSession 1 – A new adventure awaits as a new group of lost souls explores the boundless chaos of the Feywild. But first, it’s Carnival!


Carnival Map thumbSession 2 – We plunge deeper into the secrets of the Witchlight Carnival. But how far down the rabbit hole are we willing to go?


FirebreatherSession 3 – Enemies become allies, and suspects become victims as we race toward the climax of the Witchlight Carnival.


Witchlight PortalSession 4 – Coronations, grand larceny, extortions, incantations, teleportation; it’s not as easy as it looks to get into the Feywild.



The Maps

Obviously, our DM doesn’t just plop a map down in front of us during the sessions. (Cause I would metagame like a bastard if he did.) But here are a few that I’ve been allowed to see.

Carnival Map
The Witchlight Carnival Map – We used this map like a modern amusement park map. I love how it has meters to gauge the time and “mood” in the festival.


Prismeer table map
When we first entered the Feywild, this is what we were allowed to see. What’s under the post-its?


The Handouts

Our DM doesn’t rely on handouts, unlike me who loves them. But I’ll probably make a few or what I would have done if I were to run this myself.

Witchlight ticket group web
I actually did make these Carnival Tickets between sessions 1 & 2. Okay, I stole them, but it did take a lot of Photoshop to make them printable. The players loved them, especially since I’d also brought a hole-punch to mark off all the rides and attractions.


Witchlight Vane
The Witchlight Weathervane – This is one of the Carnival items that can play a vital role in getting to the Feywild. One of our DMs made this one out of a toy sword and construction paper.


This page is still a work in progress. As we continue through the adventure, I will add more stuff as it is discovered. Stay tuned.

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Follow me to further adventures and excitment!

As always, it’s better to show than tell, and Game On!