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The Forge of Fury is the second adventure presented in the 5th edition compilation book, Tales From the Yawning Portal. It is the follow-up adventure to The Sunless Citadel, first developed for the 3rd edition D&D back in the year 2000. Designed for PC levels 3 – 5, the adventure has your heroes explore an ancient dwarven ruin searching for treasure and magical weapons. Competeing tribes of orcs, troglodytes, and duergar have claimed different levels of the dungeon. And there dozens of nasty traps, bizarre monsters, and other surprises awaiting your players down below, including a very ill-tempered black dragon. Will your party survive the secrets of Khundrukar and live to tell the tale? Buckle your armor and let’s delve in.

Forge Fury 3e Cover full
The original featured an exciting and gripping cover of a scene that does not occur during the adventure. But it is still better than the reprint cover art of bored dwarves looking at the camera.

What follows is a complete overview of our experience playing this adventure. Bear in mind that my players were mostly 6th level when we started the adventure, so I had to boost almost all of the monsters in abilities or numbers to make it challenging for my players. We also had some significant roster changes to our party. How will this affect us as a group?

There are five sections to my overview:

The Campaign Diaries – Following a strange map because that’s what heroes do, our adventurers stumble into a dwarven ruin filled with orcs, troglodytes and worse. And yes, there is a dragon. It’s called Dungeons and Dragons for a reason, folks.

The Charts – I always make at least two charts to organize my adventure; an Encounter List and a Monster Stats sheet. I’ve included charts from the base adventure and my modified version for higher level characters.

The Maps – All the maps that I used to run The Forge of Fury, including DM and PC versions from the 5th edition reprint and the original adventure, plus some custom maps. The Player Maps have all hidden locations, traps, and secret areas removed.

The Images – They say a picture tells a thousand words, so I included all of the images I used to help tell my story, including those found in the original printing of the module.

The Extras – I used a few handouts during the course of the adventure, mostly to set up the adventure and later to tie the adventure with some homebrewed content. I usually print them using a variety of construction and specialty papers cut to fit my printer. The Handouts can be printed as is or used as a starting point for your own creative spin.

If there is anything else that you think I should have here to help you run your own campaign, please leave a comment.


Campaign Diary

Forge Fury 5e Rope Bridge thumbSession 1– Following an ancient map, our heroes discover a lost dwarven stronghold and are immediately ambushed by orcs.


Forge Fury 5e Ulfe thumbSession 2 – While attempting to sneak into an orc stronghold, the DM gets furious with the players and goes for the Total Party Kill.


Forge Fury 5e Fungus thumbSession 3 – Our heroes descend into the Glitterhame, the roster changes again, and we attempt to subdue a classic old school monster.


Forge Fury 5e Roper thumbSession 4 – While searching for a familiar key, our heroes nearly drown and almost get eaten by a rock. And one of them is murdered!


Forge Fury 5e Table thumbSession 5– We find the Forge of Fury, un-animate several items, and an old puzzle returns to haunt us again.


Forge Fury 5e Black Dragon thumbSession 6 – We conclude our adventure with cool fights against some undead, a succubus, a dragon, and even some justified PvP action.

The Charts

For every adventure I run, I always make two charts that harken back to the old school module design, to better organize my campaign. First is an Encounter List that includes each room at a glance, including its location, monters and NPCs, traps, treasures, experience points earned, and any other special features of each room.

Forge of Fury Encounter List

Forge Fury Encounter List

Second, I like to have a Monster Stat sheet that has every monster and NPC in the adventure listed with all of their important stats all on one page. This saves me from having to search multiple books looking for a random stat while in the middle of combat.

Forge of Fury Monster Stats

Forge Fury Monster Stats

These stat sheets should be self-explanatory, but for further details about them and to check out all my other DM charts and aids, check out my Dungeon Master Resource Page.

When I ran my players through this adventure, they were between 4th and 6th level, which made them too powerful for this 3rd level adventure. I’ve included a modified Encounter List and Monster Stat sheet, adjusting most of the encounters to reflect their higher level and adding some new traps. I included all of the upgraded NPCs and additional monsters that I used in the adventure, such as the expanded Orc Tribe, various Horrors, and an alternate version of a Young Adult Black Dragon. Here are the links:

Forge of Fury Encounter List modified

Forge of Fury Monster Stats modified


The Maps

While the maps that come with the Yanwing Portal reprint are prettier and more artistic, I actually prefer the black & white version that came with the original. I especially like the cross-section map that showed how the various levels were stacked atop one another. I have included both sets to let you decide. I have also included both the Dungeon Master copy that came with the adventure and my own Player Character versions, that have removed all the room numbers, secret doors, hidden passages and other info that you don’t want them to know about. Until you spring it on them, that is. I also modified the Foundry level slightly to tie it in with my homebrew campaign and added a new puzzle.

Forge Fury map 5e ext DM
Exterior Map – The most boring map I’ve ever seen. It adds nothing to the adventure. Just skip it and go straight to…


Forge Fury map 5e Mountain Door DM
Map 1 The Mountain Door, DM version – A tribe of orcs has taken over this level of the dungeon and getting past the rope bridge over a deadly chasm and into the complex will be a real challenge.


Forge Fury map 5e Glitterhame DM
Map 2 The Gltterhame, DM version – A pack of troglodytes has occupied the southwest corner, while various monsters and other hazards dwell in the large central cavern.


Forge Fury map 5e Sinkhole DM
Map 3 The Sinkhole, DM version – This section could be completely bypassed if the players have a good thief. Otherwise, they’ll have to contend with a very hungry roper to get a key.


Forge Fury map 5e Foundry DM
Map 4 The Foundry, DM version – A very small clan of duergar are trying to rekindle the forge at the heart of this dungeon, meanwhile numerous undead and fiends prowl the northern area.


Forge Fury map 5e Black Lake DM
Map 5 The Black Lake, DM version – The sole occupant of this level is a nasty Young Black Dragon who isn’t entertaining guests. He might eat them though.


Forge Fury map 5e Foundry modified
Map 4 The Foundry modified. The only real change I did to this map was off Room 47. I added the secret door into the previously empty room next door and included a lightning bolt puzzle to open the treasure chest. See Session 5 for more details.


Here are the Player versions of the above maps.

Forge Fury map 5e Mountain Door PC
The Mountain Door, PC – I’ve removed the secret doors and the back door passage into the lair and the passage into the shaman’s room.
Forge Fury map 5e Glitterhame PC
The Glitterhame, PC – No secrets here, just removed the location markers.
Forge Fury map 5e Sinkhole PC
The Sinkhole, PC – No secrets here either.
Forge Fury map 5e Foundry PC
The Foundry, PC – Took out a few secret doors and the passage to the Main Hall and the one to the chasm ladder.
Forge Fury map 5e Black Lake PC
The Black Lake, PC – I suggest that the western end actually be the bottom of the giant chasm that the rope bridge traversed in Level 1.


The following maps were included with the original printed module.

Forge Fury map 3e cross section
Cross Section Map. I would alter this map so that the Black Lake actually connected to the pit below the Mountain Door level. Then you might actually have the scenario shown on the cover of the adventure.
Forge Fury map 3e Mountain Door DM
The Mountain Door, DM – The map is much easier to read, but the rope bridge chasm looks like a boring old pit.
Forge Fury map 3e Glitterhame DM
The Glitterhame, DM – Again easier to read, but the giant cavern looks rather dull and empty.
Forge Fury map 3e Sinkhole DM
The Sinkhole, DM – I got nothing. This is the least exciting level of the adventure.
Forge Fury map 3e Foundry DM
The Foundry, DM – So many repetetive unused rooms. And how exactly did these dwarves get in here?
Forge Fury map 3e Black Lake DM
The Black Lake, DM – Oddly, the ladder has moved 50′ to the north of the chasm.


And just to complete the collection: The orignal maps – PC versions.

Forge Fury map 3e Mountain Door PC

Forge Fury map 3e Glitterhame PC

Forge Fury map 3e Sinkhole PC

Forge Fury map 3e Foundry PC

Forge Fury map 3e Black Lake PC


The Images

These images will be arranged in roughly the order they would be encountered, mixing both reprint and original artwork. Just in case it isn’t obvious, the color pictures comes from the Yawning Portal reprint, while all the black & white drawings are from the original. I’ll also include a few others that I appropriated (i.e. stole) from other sources. Okay, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll shut up now.

Forge Fury 3e bw Stone Tooth
More than any of the exterior maps, this image from the original print best depicts the unique nature of the area.


Forge Fury 5e Rope Bridge thumb
This bridge barely seems able to support this puny human. How is a clumsy orc or worse, an ogre supposed to cross this?


Forge Fury 3e bw Bridge
The original Rope Bridge. My only take away here is that orcs have lousy shoe stores.


Forge Fury 5e Ulfe
The Great Ulfe and his pet wolf, Vak. Or maybe it’s Thrag. I can never tell those two apart.


Forge Fury 3e bw Ulfe
No wait. This one is Thrag, I’m sure of it.


Forge Fury 5e Stirges
Who forgot to pack the bug spray?


Forge Fury 5e Fungus
I hate it when the cover comes off the mustard bottle and you get it all over your clean suit of armor. This scene is encountered in Room 22.


Forge Fury 3e bw Fungus
When this guy was alive he was a real fun guy. Now that he’s dead he’s still a fungi.


Forge Fury 5e Roper tall
Room 33. Ropers are always depicted as stalagmites, but I think one diguised as a stalactite would be truly horrifying.


Forge Fury 5e Statue
While I like this artwork from Room 35, I wish it actually depicted the three statues with the score marks on the floor to let players draw their own conclusions.


Forge Fury 5e Statues with doors
This quick and unrefined version will better depict what the room is trying to convey.


Forge Fury 3e bw Duergar
I’m guessing this is supposed to be Room 36, The Great Hall, but I have no idea what is happening here. Presumably an invisible ambush when the players don’t take the hint.


Forge Fury 5e Foundry full
This whole chapter revolves around these dwarves rekindling the Forge of Fury, but there isn’t a single crafted weapon to be found in this area or even the entire level. 


Forge Fury 3e bw Foundry
And are these dwarves standing in the middle of the Forge?


Forge Fury 5e Table thumb
Room 41. A half-page spread dedicated to the world’s deadliest table.


Forge Fury 5e Black Dragon full
Room 53. Nightscale the Black Dragon. Actually, one of my favorite paintings of a dragon and her horde.


Forge Fury 3e bw Black Dragon
And the rather lackluster but more skeletal original.


A few extras images from unnamed sources.

Troglodyte Tribe
Neither edition gives a good picture of these scaly denizens of the Glitterhame. This is my favorite, but is this a tribe of troglodytes or a lounge of lizardfolk? I’ll never tell.


Roper Stalactite
See, these thing are way more scary upside down. And the stupid melee fighters can’t get at them.


Forge Fury 5e Table full
This full version of the animated table is not presented in the book, probably because it shows the room to be a normal house and not a dwarven mine.


The Extras

I used a few handouts during this adventure, most of which were introduced over a year ago during the Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign.

LMP Handout10 Dwarven Map book
The cover of this dwarven book is actually a pictographic map that leads to the ruin of Khundrukar. Fortunately, one of the characters could translate the runes.


LMP Handout10 Dwarven Map common
But to start this treasure hunt, they’ll have to find the village of Blasingdell which can’t be found on any map.


Realms Table Map wood
Until they find this map carved on a 500-year-old table. This table’s even addressed to the party’s adventuring group. Mighty suspicious.


Fury Door Lock solved
The only prop I made for just this adventure. The square was just the lock that kept the party from enetering the Foundry until they found the circular key elsewhere. First clue that this dungeon and the one from Lost Mine of Phandelver are connected. 


Fury Door Puzzle Full
Back in the Lost Mine of Phandelver, the group found these puzzle pieces that opened a square puzzle lock. In this adventure, the lock is hexagonal and the solution is a different image. One is the sign of the dead Netherese empire, the other is the God of Chaos, Talos. What’s the connection?


Fury Foundry Battle Mat clean
My battle mat for the Foundry level and the encounter Rooms 35, 47, and 36. Includes my mini for the enormous Rug of Smothering, which is really a cut-up dog toy.


Fury Foundry comb
The Forge of Fury montage.


Forge Fury minis comp
Surprisingly, I didn’t use many minis during the adventure, but my favorites were the Hook Horror, Roper, Helmed Horror, and Succubus.


So that’s about it. If there is anything else that you wish I had included in this Forge of Fury Resource Guide, please let me know.

And if you like these Resources pages, then check out the ones I’ve created for the other campaigns I’m running at the D&D Campaign Resources Page.

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Follow me to further adventures and excitment!

As always, it’s better to show than tell, and Game On!

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